(1) Fillets of Rabbit with White Sauce en Casserole

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Over the next 5 days you are to receive 5 war rationing recipes using one rabbit.  I thought it kinder to stagger them so that you do not get 5 in a row.  These rationing recipes will not go on forever, but while I am adding to my book (which may never turn into one), they are a fascinating lesson in economy.  The salmon recipes are definitely worth repeating again and again.


First World War Rationing: ‘Five Dishes from One Rabbit, each Dish for Two’
Trying to find a rabbit was not that easy as I had hoped for a wild rabbit – just because the idea eating one which would otherwise have destroyed crops or someone’s beloved vegetable garden made me feel better than buying a farmed rabbit.  However, farmed it had to be. So I asked our butcher to prepare the rabbit in the portions dictated by the War Rationing recipes of Granny Dot.  One rabbit produces 5 dishes, each dish for two people.    This is the first:


‘Materials. Fillets of rabbit (2), some white
sauce, vegetables and potatoes, pepper and salt.
Method. – Cut the fillets from the back, flatten slightly, season with salt, a pinch of
pepper, and brush over the fat. Place in a casserole, cover it, and cook the
fillets on both sides without colouring, which will take about 5 minutes. Dish
up, cover with sauce, and garnish with vegetables and potatoes.
The above may be egged, crumbed and fried, or grilled and served with salad.’
(The Victory Cookery Book, 1918, Mrs C.S. Peel)

1 oz/28g butter or lard
2 back fillet
1 beaten egg
4 tbsp breadcrumbs

1.  Take the fillet and dip it in the egg, followed by coating it in breadcrumbs.
2.  Fry the breaded fillet in the hot fat in a frying pan.
3.  Remove from the heat when the crumbs have browned and the fillet is cooked through.  This does not take long and it can be tough so make sure you do not cook it for long.
4.  Serve with white sauce, potatoes and vegetables.

Tip:  Not sure I will be repeating this, but if I do, a tastier sauce might be a good idea!


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