All about the Sauce

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It has been a while again, mainly because there has been so much going on. Today I am looking through a window at torrential rain, and apart from the leak which we have discovered (window is new), it is glorious. Right now the rain is aiming at the window so I feel as if I am behind a shower screen, with a background of garden; despite my lack of gardening effort over the years, this is a beautiful site.

There have been various recipes since I last posted one but I have done nothing organised like take photographs. So what remains in my mind is this, a sauce which will go with a multitude of Asian inspired dishes – stirfries, as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, for example.

Recently I went to the Chinese supermarket in Poole where I bought beancurd rolls with prawns inside, a good gluten free alternative to spring rolls. Happy to say I almost prefer them.

3 tbsp Chinese Rice vinegar
1/2 tbsp soya sauce (I used gluten free Tamari)
1 tbsp soft brown sugar

  1. Put all of the ingredients in a jar and shake away. It will keep forever.

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