Anchovy Butter

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In the book, Savouries Simplifed, Granny Dot refers to this as Green butter.  Of course the parsley does make it greenish, but if I called in green anchovy butter, I think no-one would make it!  The dominant ingredient is anchovy so Anchovy Butter, it is.

I am loving working my way through these recipes, but my waistline isn’t, hence my running 3 times a week with my dogs to go some way in making up for the sampling!



1/4 lb/113g unsalted butter
0.3oz/9g parsley
3 anchovies
A squeeze of lemon juice

1.  Following the advice of Granny Dot, I blanched the parsley by pouring very hot water on top of it, or boiling, and leaving it for a few seconds before draining and drying it.  This ensured that it was clean and pliable.
2.   It is a bit tricky to blend the ingredients together, in my whizzer anyway, unless you make a lot of it at once.   It does not take long to chop and mix.  So soften the butter, and chop the parsley.  If you have a mezzeluna, as in the photograph, this will be effortless.  Chop the anchovies with it too and mix it all together then add the lemon juice.

2.  Put it in the fridge and eat cold on hot toasted bread or add it to asparagus or whatever you can think of – it would be good on white fish.



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  • Louise McKean - Reply

    June 19, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    This is realy good on toast with smoked salmon. Am loving all these “old” recipes! Many Thanks, Louise

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