Bacon Pudding with Tomato Sauce

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In bringing the culinary past back to life, I tried this recipe having little idea of the end result; delicious.  That’s all I can say.  I had it for lunch and happily had it again for dinner.  Suet puddings are new to me and I think this one will be what I choose the next time I have friends for dinner. I don’t know why such dishes have gone out of fashion. Quick, help bring them back in!

‘4 ozs lean bacon; 4 potatoes (raw); 1 large onion; 1 tablespoonful of minced parsley; thyme, marjoram and sage; 1/4 lb suet paste or paste without fat; seasoning.
Roll out the pastry as for jam roll.  Cut the bacon and peeled potatoes into dice. Mince the onion, spread all over the pastry and sprinkle the herbs and seasoning over.  Roll up, tie in a scalded floured cloth and boil 2 hours.
To Dish – Turn out of the cloth on to a hot dish, and pour brown or tomato sauce round.’
(The Daily Mail Cookery Book, 1922, Mrs C.S. Peel)


Ingredients for the suet paste taken from Granny Dot’s My Own Cookery Book  and quartered:
2 oz/56g suet
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
4oz/113g flour

‘Dredge it with flour.  Add one teaspoonful of salt and one of baking-powder to what is left after the dredging of 1lb. of dry sifted flour.  Mix in the suet and then mix to a smooth, pliant, but  not wet, paste, with cold water…’

To make the Suet Paste:
1.  Put all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl.  If you have a Kitchenaid, even better.
2. Gradually pour very cold water to just mix the paste.  It should not be sticky.
3. Butter a cloth and place the suet on top. Roll it out so that it is a rectangle about 2mm thick.

Ingredients for the bacon pudding
4oz/113g suet paste above
4oz/113g lean bacon
2 potatoes finely diced
1/2 onion finely chopped
1 tbsp Parsley, thyme, sage, marjoram finely chopped

1.  Lay the ingredients above on top of the suet paste and roll it up like a jam roly poly.  Seal the edges by squeezing them together.

2.  Roll the pudding in a cloth and secure it by tying string so that it is in the shape of a Christmas cracker.

3.  Place the pudding in a casserole dish in which it will fit and pour boiling water on top so that it is completely covered.

4. Allow it to simmer for 2 hours, topping up with hot water when necessary.
5. Remove the pudding from the water and when it is not too hot to handle, remove the string and unwrap it.
6. Place it on a serving dish and slice, with the tomato sauce to top.
7.  Which sauce you use is up to you. I rather like the idea of a gravy, but because of what I had available, I used the saffron infused chicken stock left from the Chicken Pilaf I cooked the other night in a tomato sauce which was delicious and added a fresh note to the dish.  Granny Dot’s recipe for it is below:

Tomato Sauce
4 tomatoes; 1/2 small onion; some bacon rinds; 1 oz cornflour; 3/4 pint stock from peelings or water in which cereals or vegetables have been boiled; 1 bunch of herbs, or a teaspoonful of dried, mised herbs (tied in muslin); 10 peppercorns; salt; pepper.

Method – Mince the onion, slice the tomatoes, and put the whole iinto a pan with the stock, bacon rinds, peppercorns and herbs.  Simmer till soft.  Rub through a sieve and return to the pan.  Blend the cornlour with a little cold stock or water; add it to the paruee and stir until it boils. Simmer 5 minutes.  Season, and if necessary add a few drops of cochineal to improve its colour.’
(The Daily Mail Cookery Book, 1922, Mrs C.S. Peel)

4 large tomatoes roughly chopped
1/2 a small onion
3/4 pint of stock, vegetable or chicken (I used the stock leftover from the Chicken Pilau recipe)
1 bouquet garni of mixed herbs – 10 peppercorns, thyme, parsley, and anything else you would like to add.  I cut a piece of muslin, put the herbs in the centre, and tie it with string.


1.  Put all of the above in a pan and let it simmer for half an hour or so until completely tender.

2.  It will look like this after about half an hour or so of simmering. (do not be put off by the soggy bouquet garni in the middle of the pan!)


3.  Remove the bouqet garni and blend the tomato sauce.  Season and serve.



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