Berry Smoothie

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Smoothies are a personal thing.  My children like this recipe with a whole banana added; I like it as it is.  You may like the tang of less maple syrup, or the sweetness of a little more.  If you do add a banana, also add another 200 mls of yoghurt.


I adore berries and I would love a constant supply of fresh ones for any time of day.  To solve this expensive desire, I buy them frozen from the supermarket.  Aside from the financial gain in doing so, I have fresh berries on tap and will not find any furry ones lurking in at the bottom of the punnet which I may have left unused for just a smidge too long.

A great idea, given to me by a friend, is to replace the berries with a banana and some gooseberries.  She also suggested removing the peel from the banana and freezing it, as we all know how quickly they become brown.  You could also peel it and chop it up before freezing so you can throw it straight into the blender.

This will make 2 very full glasses of smoothie. If you add a banana and more yoghurt, 3.

350mls plain yoghurt
1 cup/150g/5oz frozen mixed berries
40ml maple syrup, honey or agave syrup
60-80mls milk


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