Bonfire Chorizo Hot Pot

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Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, Borneo – the holiday of a lifetime explains my absence.  Coming back to bonfire night was a rude awakening to the drawbacks of the UK, ie, we couldn’t light the bonfire, despite the assistance of Diesel, due to saturation levels.

To warm us up, we had this chorizo concoction, originally created over a camp fire in the summer.  Recipe added in haste due to requests which says enough about its tastiness.


I made enough for 3o adults, so I give you the correct amount for a family of 4.

2 tbsp light olive oil
100g finely sliced onions
130g chorizo sausage, skinned and roughly chopped. (I used Bath Pig outdoor bred welfare happy chorizo)
100g tomato passata
1 glass of red wine
500g sliced waxy potatoes such as Charlotte potatoes

1.  Place the olive oil, sliced onions and sausage in a pan over a medium heat.
2.  Let the onions become soft and the juices release from the chorizo.  If your chorizo is particularly fatty it will release enough fat for you not to need the olive oil.
3.  Add the potatoes and stir to coat in the oil.
4.  Add the passata and wine.  Bring to simmer and let it cook through until the potatoes are soft which will take around half an hour.  Add water to moisten it if necessary.
5.  Serve with garlic mayonnaise or tzatziki.


This was a one pot wonder, but in the absence of being outdoors with a fire, I would serve alongside green vegetables or a salad.


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