Broad Bean Puree

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I am a huge fan of this but not of broad beans in their entirety.  This can be stored for a week or so in the fridge and would sit as well neatly placed on crostini as it would on a piece of toast for a quick lunch.



300g Broad Beans (frozen section in supermarket)
100mls extra virgin olive oil
60g feta cheese
squeeze of lemon juice
Seasoning (optional – season to taste as feta is already salty)

Serves 6-8

1.  Boil the broad beans until softened.
2.  Drain and add to the blender with the remaining ingredients.
3.  Rub the mixture through a sieve and discard the outer skins left in the sieve – or give it to the birds.
4.  Taste and season.
5.  Store in the fridge and serve drizzled with olive oil and maybe just a little flake or two of Maldon Seasalt.



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