Caraway Comfit

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My mother tells me that my Canadian great grandfather loved caraway cake. I’ve never had it though I did once attempt to make it.  Anyway, caraway has re-emerged via Granny Dot’s books:

Aunt Charlotte was tiny and fair, with smoothly-parted hair, a bonnet,
exquisite little kid boots, which she bought from a celebrated London bootmaker, and in winter a sealskin coat, in summer a silk jacket trimmed with lace and jet.  And always she carried a sweet-smelling green Russian leather bag containing, amongst other things, a boxful of pink and white caraway comfit.
And always she wore a rakish-looking eye glass firmly fixed in one of
her pretty blue eyes.’
(Life’s Enchanted Cup, An Autobiography: 1872-1933, Mrs C.S. Peel, 1932)


I have not added food colouring to make some of these pink, and I am sure Aunt Charlotte would sniff at my attempt which I realise is not a great one, but the idea is there.  Here it is:


1 jar caraway seeds
300g granulated sugar
50mls water

1.  Put the granulated sugar and water over a low heat to make a sugar syrup so wait until it is all dissolved, and do not stir as this will not help.
2.  When a sugar syrup has formed, heat a frying pan to a medium heat and add the caraways and two spoonfuls of the syrup.
3.  Allow the syrup to coat the seeds and to dry up on them.
4.  Add more syrup and keep repeating this process until the syrup is used up and the seeds become coated in white.  If you manage to coat better than I did, I envy you!
5.  They will last for ages, and if you like them, try adding some colour for fun (I should have done that so this post may change if I try again…)


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