Cashew Nut Aioli

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I make garlic mayo regularly.  Terrible for my waistline but thankfully it is not usually me who finishes it off.  We have one friend who managed to eat a whole bowl by himself!  The concoction I am talking about is found by clicking on garlic mayo above.  I am using a light olive oil at the moment so I have added a little more of it.  Some recipes call for virgin oil but I really think that it is too strong, and so the lighter the better.  I guess that is a personal preference but this is so popular, that I think it may be shared by quite a few. The only difference here is that I have omitted the oregano and added roasted cashew nuts.  They give a more robust finish with a thicker texture.

1 egg
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 or 4 cloves of garlic, depending on their size
½tsp dijon mustard or mustard powder
½tsp smoked Maldon sea salt or standard Maldon sea salt
15-20 roasted cashew nuts (put them in a frying pan or on a roasting tin in the oven until lightly browned)
200mls light olive oil
200ml sunflower or vegetable oil (rapseseed gives a nutty flavour which is altogether different I think, and not preferable, but you may like it and it would certainly be good for you!)

  1.  Put the eggs in a blender with the lemon juice, garlic, mustard and salt.
  2.  Switch the blender on and from a measuring jug and add the nuts.
  3.  Slowly drizzle the oil into the blender through its funnel.
  4. When it has turned into a mayonnaise, taste and season with more salt if necessary.
  5.  We tend to dip small pieces of crusty bread into it with glass of wine.  Also good with prawns and as a general accompaniment for summer lunches.

If it goes pear-shaped, pour the mixture back into the measuring jug, put another egg in the blender, switch it on, and pour the mixture slowly into it as if you were pouring in the oil.  This usually fixes the problem.


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