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Now a rissole may be a most delicate preparation made with chicken and cream and truffle – a dish for a king; but of whatever material you make it, it must be creamy inside and crisp outside.’
(Learning to Cook, 1915, Mrs C.S. Peel)

Having made pulled roast pork on Saturday so that it falls apart, and …



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I know lasagne is new to no-one.  This is a blog though, and I am delayed in realising that additioms which are not out of the ordinary are okay especially if a top tip is added.  In this case that tip is parmesan rind. Adding it to the pot of meat as it slowly bubbles away allows an …


Flat Iron Beef

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I heard about this “forgotten cut” and I think that once you know about it, you will use it a lot, and when we all do that, the price will go up!  But at the moment, £6.50 worth, about 600g would cost over £22 in fillet of beef.  And while fillet of beef would be …