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Potato Peel Crisps

Posted in - Canapes on October 18th 2015 0 Comments

A friend, Lucy Collin, introduced me to these delicious potato crisps.  I added some Chinese five spice  mix.  No need to buy crisps!

Potato peel
Olive oil or Rapeseed oil
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp white pepper
1 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp five spice
Chilli flakes (optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 200° C.
2. Put the peelings on a baking try and spread …


Canapes a la Fribourg

Posted in - Canapes & Peacetime & Recipes & Seafood on January 26th 2015 0 Comments

These are hard to resist. To recreate exactly is a time-consuming process. Alternatively, use whichever whizzing gadget you have and a fine sieve to speed things up a little…

But first, here’s Granny Dot’s version:
Materials and Method.–Steam a haddock, and work the flesh through a sieve, moistening it with a little milk, when necessary. Mix …


Chorizo and Prawn Canape

Posted in - Canapes on December 21st 2013 0 Comments

We are in Northumberland for Christmas as opposed to Dorset where we live. So in using up what was in the kitchen before we left, I was wracking my brain for a canape recipe.   The idea for this recipe was found online and I can’t remember where. Credit therefore is not due to me : (

It is so …


Cinnamon Meringue Pavlovas

Posted in - Canapes & Puddings & Recipes on December 27th 2012 0 Comments

These are a slightly different wintery addition to a 10 degree celcius not wintery enough, Dorset. You may not be wanting anything sweet at all. However it is not the end of Christmas yet so why not?  The brown sugar in the meringues feels Christmasy, and if you have any homemade cranberry sauce leftover, you could …


Curry Puffs or Pasties

Posted in - Bake & Canapes & Vegetarian on December 18th 2012 0 Comments

My fondest foodie memories come largely from many moons ago on my gap year in Kuching, Sarawak, to which I have referred before.  Here is another – curry puffs.  The same pastry recipe which is used for the vegetable pie, can be used for making pasties – large, small, sweet, savoury.  It is a delicious …


Quick Cheese Straws

Posted in - Canapes on December 3rd 2012 0 Comments

These are a bit of a cheat and fully homemade cheese straws are indeed better.  But for a quick fix, these are good and great for after school snacks if you don’t mind a few crumbs in the car (dogs are good hoovers!).

A sheet of puff pastry
grated cheddar cheese or whatever kind …


Puff Pastry Treats

Posted in - Canapes on December 2nd 2012 0 Comments

Every Friday evening my children and I go to our local for an hour or so to see friends.  I have a cold glass of white wine while they eat chips and I persuade them that their piano skills are best saved for home (they are 4 and 5).  This time I took these treats; I know I shouldn’t have but …


Mirin Soy Chicken Skewers or Salmon Bites

Posted in - Canapes on November 28th 2012 0 Comments

With all the canapes I have made, they would be equally delicious multipled in size for a main course.  You may do this with chicken or salmon.  My children just love the chicken version threaded onto skewers and fried in a griddle pan, or any old pan really……

This recipe is approximate insofar as the …