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Marsala Pheasant

Posted in - Game & Lunch / Dinner on February 9th 2015 0 Comments

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s cider pheasant (thank you Moni for introducing me) began my looking forward to doing justice to those beautiful birds whose grace through our skies so swiftly comes to an end.  I used Marsala here, but brandy is equally good, so do as you wish.  A quick flambe of the pheasant adds some …



Posted in - Beef & Game & Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes & Pork & Poultry & Recipes & Seafood on June 26th 2013 0 Comments

Now a rissole may be a most delicate preparation made with chicken and cream and truffle – a dish for a king; but of whatever material you make it, it must be creamy inside and crisp outside.’
(Learning to Cook, 1915, Mrs C.S. Peel)

Having made pulled roast pork on Saturday so that it falls apart, and …


Venison Steaks with Blackberries

Posted in - Game on November 7th 2012 0 Comments

I thought I better share this with you as blackberries will be with us for a little longer, and this really was more delicious than ever.

Serves 2

Venison steaks at room temperature
Red wine (About 50 mls – I used Rioja)
A nut of rich stock or glace
A few blackberries
2 knobs of unsalted butter

This is one of …