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Cucumber and Dill Soup

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Lunch / Dinner & Vegetarian on September 21st 2019 0 Comments

I hate to admit that I let our veg garden overflow this year, and not in a good way.  It is a bit of a jungle now and within it I found about 10 cucumbers, all a good size.  So what better thing to do with them than make soup… it is cool, soothing and …


Porridge with Spiced Syrup, Berries and Sunflower seeds

Posted in - Breakfast & Healthy Recipes & Recipes & Vegetarian on September 15th 2016 0 Comments

When I wrote Afternoon Tea  I included a recipe for Spiced Tea Syrup on page 54 (just in case you have a copy!), fashionable in the Edwardian Era to both sweeten and flavour.  Being out of the habit, despite writing this book, a jar has been sitting by the kettle for quite some time and …


Fried Courgette Flowers

Posted in - Vegetarian on August 12th 2015 0 Comments

Stuffed with Mozzarella, anchovy, ricotta, lemon zest, garlic, the list goes on – these would be amazing.  Here I give them to you simply coated in light batter of 00 flower (refined Italian pasta flour) and fizzy water, having been told by Anna del Conte that this is the best way. I even used Pellegrino …


Courgette, Haloumi and Garlic Salad with Borage flowers

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Lunch / Dinner & Salads & Vegetarian on July 30th 2015 0 Comments

Tonnes of courgettes, green and  yellow, lightly fried in olive oil and garlic, decorated with borage flowers.  Served with haloumi, this is a light lunch with crusty bread and some homemade pesto – (just because I had some).

Olive oil
4 spring onions, chopped into small circles
2 medium courgettes, chopped into small rectangles about 2cm in length
Garlic …


Speedy Pizza

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Vegetarian on April 1st 2015 0 Comments

The reason this is reasonably speedy is because I didn’t know what to give the children for lunch and this used up what we had left in the fridge before an Easter break – which happened to be tomato passata, a ball of mozzarella, parmesan and olives. So into the larder I went for the …


Spiced Christmas Red Cabbage

Posted in - Vegetarian on December 23rd 2014 0 Comments

This benefits from being made in advance – and leftovers are so good with ham, cold turkey etc…

I have been off-line –  so if there is anyone out there following advance Christmas cooking suggestions, sorry!  I am in my husband’s office before taking my children ice skating and using his connection to post this.  I …