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Pulled Pork and Coleslaw

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Pork on September 11th 2019 0 Comments

This is easy and so delicious.  It can be served in a variety of ways but the most satisfying for us is in a bun.  Biting into it gives me almost as much pleasure as biting into my first mince pie with brandy butter on December 1st.  A knife and fork cannot be used as …


Pulled Pork and Chorizo Fire food (you could finish this when camping, on a fire!)

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Pork on June 8th 2016 0 Comments

Yum yum – I love pulled pork.  This was bought at the WI in Shaftesbury and yet again I forgot to weigh it.  It was a small rolled shoulder.  Once combined with the other ingredients, this would amply serve 8.  We often make some such concoction when cooking on a fire.

Rolled shoulder of pork
1 onions
3 carrots
1/2 …


Kolo Mee

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A version of this using red pork was sold in a cafe on Jalan Ong Tiang Swee in Kuching, Malaysia in 1992/3.  Suzanne, who I worked with over there, and I, used to gladly tuck in.  This is my version, the pork is not red, but if I close my eyes, I am briefly taken …


Pulled Pork Pie

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Pork on May 26th 2015 1 Comments

By semi-mistake this happened, using up leftovers.  It has since been repeated because when feeding friends, whipping it out of the oven – ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’- makes the weekend so much more fun with hot slaving happening the day before!


The picture above is ridiculously rubbish I know,but the delicious ingredients are seen …


Bigo’s Hunter Stew

Posted in - Pork & Recipes on January 7th 2014 2 Comments

For Christmas my brother gave me the ingredients for the goulash he loves from his local Polish delicatessen.  I made it last night and it is indeed delicious, and wonderfully simple to make.


Servdes 4-6

2 onions finely sliced
2 polish sausages sliced
About 400g Polish bacon chopped into small pieces
1/2 tbsp smoked paprika
1 tube tomato puree (maybe not …


Paprika, Tomato and Wine Pulled Pork

Posted in - Pork & Recipes on September 10th 2013 0 Comments

We were given a bag full of lamb and pork yesterday by a friend. I can’t actually remember why but I assume his freezer is on the blink.  I am sure I heard a while ago from Delia Smith that it is in fact okay to re-freeze after defrosting, provided you then ensure that the …



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Now a rissole may be a most delicate preparation made with chicken and cream and truffle – a dish for a king; but of whatever material you make it, it must be creamy inside and crisp outside.’
(Learning to Cook, 1915, Mrs C.S. Peel)

Having made pulled roast pork on Saturday so that it falls apart, and …