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Pineapple Chutney and Tzatziki

Posted in - Press on October 4th 2020 0 Comments

I should really end that heading with nibbles but instead I leave it blank because this combination goes so well with so many things. We had it with poached salmon on raw dressed spinach, rice noodles and stir fried veg, chicken, fish. You could really use the chutney in place of most other …


All about the Sauce

Posted in - Press on October 2nd 2020 0 Comments

It has been a while again, mainly because there has been so much going on. Today I am looking through a window at torrential rain, and apart from the leak which we have discovered (window is new), it is glorious. Right now the rain is aiming at the window so I feel as …


Pick me up breakfast

Posted in - Press on July 1st 2020 0 Comments

This morning I am a zombie. Last night I ridiculously for no apparent reason woke up at 1a.m. after falling asleep really quickly a couple of hours before! So after the school run I craved a savoury breakfast and this picked me up, albeit not for long enough, but still, I think the combination may …


Chorizo, Kale and Butterbean

Posted in - Press on June 11th 2020 0 Comments

Nearby we have The Real Cure which makes and sells delicious welfare friendly pork products. Thanks to ls2u, local food has been delivered seemingly effortlessly.

This is a speedy throw it together lunch or dinner and super tasty.

Serves 4

Ingredients400g chorizoOlive Oil Kale600g butterbeans or other white bean (if …


Baked Alaska

Posted in - Press on September 9th 2019 2 Comments

For Mats’s 11th birthday I’d had a ridiculous weekend of baking disasters (I learned that adding too much xanthum gum to a gluten free recipe leads to a gluey consistency)!  We changed to being gluten free over a year ago so I will post non gluten free alternatives in the ingredients, where I have them.  …


Daily Mail Article!

Posted in - Press on September 5th 2019 4 Comments

How the Mail’s fur-coated cook Mrs Peel turned war-weary wives into domestic goddesses a century ago 

Dorothy Peel advised ration-weary home cooks in the years after World War I
The cookery writer wrote the 1919 Daily Mail Cookery Book 
Her great-great-granddaughter Vicky has adapted the recipes for a book
She explores how being a domestic goddess has changed in the …


Bicycles, Bloomers and Great War Rationing Recipes

Posted in - Press on June 9th 2016 0 Comments

The book I wrote first and poured my heard and soul into has just been delivered by the postman.  I opened the package, carefully took out the book, and promptly burst into tears!  Definitely an emotional moment, shared with the dogs as my husband is cycling to Paris at the moment for charity.  Anyway, finally it …