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Sushi and Salads

Posted in - gluten free & Healthy Recipes & Salads & Seafood on September 25th 2019 1 Comments

This is not the first time I have posted sushi on this blog.  So it is the same recipe but a reminder.  I served it with two salads because the children wouldn’t eat the fennel salad so a cucumber concoction accompanied us too. We compared Waitrose bought sushi with homemade. I noticed a difference in …


Courgette, Haloumi and Garlic Salad with Borage flowers

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Lunch / Dinner & Salads & Vegetarian on July 30th 2015 0 Comments

Tonnes of courgettes, green and  yellow, lightly fried in olive oil and garlic, decorated with borage flowers.  Served with haloumi, this is a light lunch with crusty bread and some homemade pesto – (just because I had some).

Olive oil
4 spring onions, chopped into small circles
2 medium courgettes, chopped into small rectangles about 2cm in length
Garlic …


Mint Pesto Bulgar Wheat Salad with Plaice

Posted in - Salads & Seafood on July 28th 2014 0 Comments

Lucy, who I spent some of the day with on the beach, said that she produces the most delicious dishes when they are unplanned.  For me, this is one of those.  Very fresh and summery.

Serves 8

290 grams bulgar wheat – prepared by just covering in boiling water and leaving for ten minutes.
8 organic tomatoes, …


Courgette Salad

Posted in - Salads on August 23rd 2013 2 Comments

Nothing but yellow courgettes have greeted us this year.  And anyone who has read my last few posts will realise that we have no shortage of them!  This salad happened, like so many of the best creations, by accident insofar as I used what I had.  It is also supersonically healthy as well as delicious.


Courgettes (any …


Caesar Salad

Posted in - Salads on November 20th 2012 0 Comments

We’ve all had Caesar salad at some point.  And this point for  me, where Christmas is coming and I am getting fat – a hazard of demonstration preparation – a salad is called for.  You may have seen I am salading away with the re-addition of the Spicy Thai salad, and here is another.  Not so interesting …


Spicy Thai Salad

Posted in - Salads & Seafood on November 16th 2012 0 Comments

It is November, and this is not seasonal, but it bought a bit of sunshine to a dreary day.  I am re-posting this because I have added photographs and it may do as above for you.

I found green papaya in Salisbury!  So I have taken a pic of a memorable dinner because the last time …