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Strawberry Jam

Posted in - Breakfast & gluten free & Puddings & Sweeties & Tea Time on October 3rd 2019 0 Comments

I bought some strawberries which really had to be eaten last night but in my absence at a book talk in Bath by Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver of St John London, they were not.  So by this morning they had to be eaten straight away or be made into something. So this is …



Posted in - Bake & Puddings & Sweeties on February 16th 2015 0 Comments

I briefly gave cookery demonstrations in 2012 and  in searching for my Florentine recipe, found I had not put them on this blog.  So here they are.  As delicious as we all know they are but with a twist of roasted almonds.  This happened by a mistake because I meant to skin them, found that …


Caraway Comfit

Posted in - Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes & Recipes & Sweeties on January 16th 2014 0 Comments

My mother tells me that my Canadian great grandfather loved caraway cake. I’ve never had it though I did once attempt to make it.  Anyway, caraway has re-emerged via Granny Dot’s books:

‘Aunt Charlotte was tiny and fair, with smoothly-parted hair, a bonnet,
exquisite little kid boots, which she bought from a celebrated London bootmaker, and …


Coconut Ice

Posted in - Recipes & Sweeties on April 14th 2013 0 Comments

I have been asked to show the 12/13 year old girls at my daughter’s school how to make sweets as part of their final term’s entertainment.  Therein lies the inspiration for this very sweet (warning!) and decadent recipe….


250g condensed milk
110g icing sugar
200g dessicated coconut

1.  Put the condensed milk in a bowl and sift the icing …