Cheese Aigrettes

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Put 1 oz of butter into a pan with 1 gill of water, and as soon as it boils fast, sift in 3oz of flour; stir this all well together till it forms a smooth, thick paste, then beat in 2 small eggs one at a time, and finally 2 oz of grated cheese, and season to taste with salt and pepper. Leave it to get cold, then fry in rough lumps for 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour.  Serve very hot, dusted with grated cheese and coralline pepper.  (taken from Savouries Simplified 1914



1oz/28g unsalted butter
142mls water
3oz/85g flour
2 small eggs
2oz/57g grated cheese
Oil for frying (sunflower, vegetable or other flavourless oil)

1.  Put the water and butter in a pan and as soon as it boils sift in the flour.
2.  Stir until it forms a thick paste.
3.  Let it cool a little then add the eggs and cheese together to ensure that the eggs to not scramble.  Adding the cheese at the same time will reduce the likelihood of this.  Beat hard and they cheese and eggs will become a part of the paste.
4.  Season if needed, depending on the saltiness of the cheese used.
5.  Leave on a cold plate and when it is cold.
6.  Heat the oil and test it by dropping a little bit of the mixture in to it to make sure it browns within a few seconds.
7.  Fry spoonfuls in hot flavourless oil such as vegetable or sunflower oil, until they are browned.
8. Serve hot dusted with grated cheese, or just as they are.


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