Chorizo and Prawn Canape

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We are in Northumberland for Christmas as opposed to Dorset where we live. So in using up what was in the kitchen before we left, I was wracking my brain for a canape recipe.   The idea for this recipe was found online and I can’t remember where. Credit therefore is not due to me : (

It is so fantastically simple and quick to prepare.


Chorizo (use Bath Pig Chorizo or similarly welfare friendly)
Lemon zest
Flat-leaf Parsley

1.  Heat a pan and add the sliced chorizo.
2. When the juices have begun to flow from the chorizo, add the prawns and cook until pink and cooked through. (If you use already cooked prawns – ie already pink, just heat through and be really careful not to overdo them as they will become leathery.)
3.  Stick a prawn and a piece of chorizo on a chop stick and sprinkle the lemon and parsley.


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