Coconut Ice

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I have been asked to show the 12/13 year old girls at my daughter’s school how to make sweets as part of their final term’s entertainment.  Therein lies the inspiration for this very sweet (warning!) and decadent recipe….



250g condensed milk
110g icing sugar
200g dessicated coconut

1.  Put the condensed milk in a bowl and sift the icing sugar on top.
2.  Mix it in thoroughly.
3.  Mix in the coconut.
4.  Put half of the mixture on some baking paper so that it is about 2cm high.
5.  Mix the other half with some red or pink food dye and press it evenly on top of the uncoloured half. I used red dye and it made it pink!
6.  Leave it to dry out in the kitchen or larder overnight.  Some recipes lead to a dry end result.  I prefer it to be a little soft.  If you would like a dryer version, add more icing sugar.  However try my version first as you really can’t tell what it will be like until after you have left it over night.  You can always add a little more icing sugar next time.
7.  Cut it into squares and seal it in an airtight container.



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