Courgette, Haloumi and Garlic Salad with Borage flowers

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Tonnes of courgettes, green and  yellow, lightly fried in olive oil and garlic, decorated with borage flowers.  Served with haloumi, this is a light lunch with crusty bread and some homemade pesto – (just because I had some).

Olive oil
4 spring onions, chopped into small circles
2 medium courgettes, chopped into small rectangles about 2cm in length
Garlic clove, cut into slithers
Mild salt flakes such as Maldon
Borage flowers

1. Put the olive in a pan and heat through adding the onions and cooking until crisp and lightly browned.  Add the courgettes until lightly softened, but still with a crunch.
2.  Add the garlic and cook for another minute (this ensures it is lightly garlicy)
3. Season with salt.
4.  Put the contents of the pan in a pretty bowl.
5.  Now add the sliced haloumi and dry fry, using a little oil if necessary.  If liquid comes out then drain and fry the until they are lightly browned.
6.  Add on top of the courgette mixture in the bowl.
7.  Sprinkle with borage flowers.
8.  Serve for a summery lunch.


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