Crab Risotto

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CRAB RISOTTO I made this on Sunday evening and it was so delicious and so beautiful.  Not your standard Sunday supper, but having bought a dressed crab from the local market, it had to be used, and a better use, I cannot think of.

This would serve 2 hungry people, or 4 as a starter .

1 shallot 1 stick of celery 1tsp tomato paste or a tbsp of passata sploosh of marsala or sherry or white wine 1 cup risotto rice 1 dressed crab or 200g crab meat 2 lemon peel slithers About 2 litres of fish stock (see top tips)

1.  Fry the finely chopped veg in 2 tbsp olive oil until translucent.
2.  Add the tomato and stir for a few seconds.
3.  Add the rice and make sure it is coated in the contents of the pan.
4.  Add a generous sploosh of marsala or whatever you are using.
5.  Let is sizzle while the alcohol cooks off.
6.  Add the warm stock ladleful by ladleful while you sip a glass of whatever you have put in it perhaps, or sip a cup of tea if you are feeling more virtuously restful, as the best risotto is made with a calm mind.
7.  Keep going, add, stir, absorb, add, stir, absorb.
8.  When is it a little creamy as a risotto should be (because you have stirred it so well), remove from the heat and stir in the crab.
9.  Prepare a lovely salad tossed in a good olive oil, sprinkled with red wine vinegar and some sea salt flakes.
10.  Serve.


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