Crusty Bread

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Absence explained – the snow of the Alps beckoned, followed by my daughter’s 6th birthday and now the allure of a sabbatical style year in the midi-Pyrenees – unfortunately the children and I are the only ones who really want to do this!

I think we have eaten more garlic snails in the last week than I have had in my life and I keep forgetting to take a pic, so soon I will – with a recipe – I hope you like escargot!

In the mean time, in the absence of a properly delicious French bread stick, this simply updated version of the Bread recipe I have previously added to the blog involves just adding 1 egg. This creates a chewier texture.  Perfect for breakfast, untoasted or toasted, or used to mop up that garlic butter!

So if you are inclined to make your own bread – I promise it is worth the end result to your satisified mental state, your purse strings, and your taste buds – just follow the link above, and add an egg.  If my computer illiterate state leads to the link not working, type bread in the search box at the top of this page and you will find instructions.  Just add the egg!


I’ll be back soon provided the Easter holidays don’t detrimentally take their toll on my recipe producing energy levels!


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