Elderflower Cordial

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We used to have a few lovely bottles in which I would have liked to present this cordial which I make annually using my Swedish Grandmother-in-law’s recipe.  I multiply this recipe by 3 which gives us a supply which lasts for the whole year plus a few extra for pressies.

Despite the fact that citric acid has been used for decades for preserving, you can only buy a limited amount in the chemist in case you are planning on making a bomb, I think!  It is easy to buy online if you cannot get enough from the chemist – you could always visit a few, pleading that you have not just bought more in chemists in other towns!

Collect the florets.  Below is a pic of one of my dogs helping me search:


Makes about 6 litres


80 large Florets of Elderflowers
4 lemons (medium sized)
160g Citric Acid
3 kg granulated sugar
4 litres boiling water
1.  Peel the lemons only for the yellow peel, avoiding the white pith.  Juice them.
2.  Add the lemon juice and lemon peel to the flowers in a big jam pan.
3.  Add 160g citric acid and sugar to the mix.
4.  Add the boiling water to the pan and wait for it to all melt.  If you want to be really thorough, melt the sugar in the boiling water and then add the rest of the ingredients.  This is probably more sensible. I always tend to rush things by just plonking it all together.  I have done this for a few years and it has never failed.
5.  Leave for 4 days.
6. Sieve into plastic bottles which you can put in the freezer.  Remove as needed and decant into a pretty bottle to keep in the fridge.
7.  Use as you would any cordial.






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