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I briefly gave cookery demonstrations in 2012 and  in searching for my Florentine recipe, found I had not put them on this blog.  So here they are.  As delicious as we all know they are but with a twist of roasted almonds.  This happened by a mistake because I meant to skin them, found that impossible, so threw them in roasted, skins and all.  Sometimes the best recipes happen by accident.

Makes 8-10

60g unsalted butter
80g caster sugar
2 tsp honey or golden syrup (I prefer honey)
125g roasted almonds or mixed nuts, roughy chopped, but if you use strongly flavoured nuts like walnuts it will affect the flavour.
2 tbsp roughly chopped cherries
40g slivered almonds
85g melted dark or milk chocolate, or a combination of the two

1. Put the butter, sugar and honey or syrup over a low heat until they have melted together.  Turn the heat up and let the mixture bubble for a couple of minutes or so until a caramel is formed. .
2.  Mix in the remaining ingredients.
3.  Now, using a rubber glove or spoons, take walnut size pieces and press them into circles. I find this easiest using a well oiled blini tray or equivalent.  You could also use baking paper on a baking tray.  The most important thing is that they do not stick.
4.  Once cooled, you should be able to easily turn over the chocolateless florentines.
5.  Dip them in melted chocolate and leave them upside down to dry.  You could dip them again once the first dipped chocolate has set.
6.  Leave them to cool.  Store in an air-tight container.


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