Fruity Sorbet

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Making fruit salad to have with Greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast is yummy.  My children are in the habit of adding ready prepared fruit salad to the trolley when we go shopping.  The combination means that we have too much.  Perfect answer… turn it into sorbet.


Fruit salad or plain fruit
Sugar syrup
lemon juice

1.  Prepare the sugar syrup by putting some granulated sugar in a pan and just covering it with water.  Put it over a very low heat until it has melted (do NOT stir).
2.  Whizz up the fruit in a whizzer.  Pour through a sieve if it is not of a smooth consistency.
3. Taste it and add some elderflower cordial or syrup, or both, as well as some lemon juice, until it is to your liking.  You need to add enough sugar for it to taste too sweet because being frozen, it needs more sugar in order to taste sweet.  Too sweet before freezing = perfect frozen.
4.  Put it in an ice-cream machine or in a plastic container in the freezer.  If in the container, either beat it every twenty minutes until you are no longer able to, in order to ensure a smooth creamy texture, or freeze it and break it up with a fork so that it is a granita, as opposed to a sorbet.

Yum yum



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