Happy Valentine’s Day

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At boarding school from 1985-1992, every February 14th, the lower 6th form would call us all to the main Hall where everything took place from Chapel to Detention.  They had collected Valentine’s cards which had been sent to us over the previous days.  One or two of us were selected to read our card out in front of the whole school which was the most excruciating experience imaginable to a cloistered teenager in an all girls school.  I imagine it would have been a lot more embarrassing had there been boys.  I think that some of the envelopes were steamed open and cringeworthy words were added so as to embarrass whichever unsuspecting schoolgirl was selected for ridicule.   I used to get about 12 cards, and no, definitely not because I was the most sought after girl in the school, – far from it 🙁  – The list of senders went as follows:

My mother
My father
My father’s secretary
One from each of the dogs – we had 3
The cat
My brother
My childhood lovely friend who is gay
My first innocent love which went on for most of my school years, later as a best buddy
I can’t remember who the remaining cards were from but there were only a couple of mysteries over the years (I never did find out who they were from, probably my father getting someone in his office to write them as I rumbled his good intentions at times).

Anyway, with this in mind, Valentines Day for me has really been about love all around as opposed to one exclusive liaison.  I therefore present you with very unglamorous chocolate hearts; they didn’t cost the £12 I saw for one flat milk choccie lolly in Fortnum and Mason; they cost, I don’t know, much less.  For their receivers, I think they are worth much much more!

I don’t think I need to tell you how I made them as they hardly look professional.  I didn’t even use the tempering machine I have.  But I did use a heart biscuit mould for the small dark chocolate heart, and mixed the chocolate with a Florentine biscuit, the recipe for which will follow on Monday.

Materials and Ingredients

Baking Paper
Heart Shape biscuit cutter
Chocolate Sprinkles
1 Florentine biscuit
Lolly Sticks

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! xx


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