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One of few veg I can guarantee Mats will eat (he is 11), is broccoli.  Over enthusiastic about how much he may consume, I had enough leftover for a whole other family lockdown sitting.  Turning sadly pale in colour (the broccoli!) in the fridge, this was the answer, this time anyway.  And you probably will have something in the larder with which to pad this out.  We had flaked salmon which I had bought reduced from the out of date section in the supermarket, and a tin of tuna.  My mother is staying with us for lockdown and has a habit of boiling eggs, so I added a couple of them too, along with a creamy béchamel sauce.  Top with breadcrumbs or crumbled plain crisps.

I did post the béchamel sauce recipe of my great great Granny  who I wrote my book on, published in 2016 but it seems to have disappeared. It was a revelation for me which a friend told me she knew already. Why didn’t I?! So you put about 750mls milk in a pan and heat.  Take about 75g knob of cold butter (if it is soft it is messy so I find cold easier) and 40g flour (gluten free or not) and mix them together into a paste with a plastic glove (if you have any left!) or clean hands.  When the milk is coming to a simmer, add the paste and whisk it over the heat until a sauce forms.  For this recipe, add a handful of cheese and a little salt and pepper.


Flaked fish (tinned tuna, salmon, or fresh fish)
Boiled eggs x 2
White sauce with added cheese – any cheese will do
Breadcrumbs or ready salted crisps
1. Layer the first 3 ingredients in a heatproof dish and add the cheese sauce so that it more or less covers the ingredients.
2.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs or crunched up crisps, or a mixture.
3.  Bake at 190ºC until browned and bubbling.



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