Milk pudding

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This is a love it or hate it Marmite recipe.  I love it; my husband hates it!


In the words of Granny Dot:

‘To Make Milk Puddings
Cool Oven.  Time, 3 hours.
Ingredients – 2 ozs. of any farinaceous food, such as rice, sago, tapioca; 1 pint of milk, or milk and water; 1 tablespoonful of sugar; pinch of salt.
Method. – Put the rice or any other cereal used at the bottom of a greased pie dish, add the salt, sugar and milk.  Stir well, place in a cool oven, and cook slowly about 3 hours, until set.  Stir occasionally the first hour.  If liked nutmeg can be grated over the pudding, or any flavouring essence added to it.
A little fat or suet can be added also if liked.
To Dish. – Place the pie dish in an entree dish, or on another dish.
Reasons for failure. – If the oven is too hot the pudding may boiil over into it and waste.  The moisture evaporates and leaves the ceral qutie dry before it has cooked soft.  Slow gentle cookery is required.’
(The Daily Mail Cookery Book, 1922, Mrs C.S. Peel)

Butter to grease the side of the pudding basin
2oz/57g pudding rice, sago, or tapioca
1 pint/568mls whole milk
1 tbsp caster sugar (I used vanilla sugar which is just caster sugar with used vanilla pods, left forever really, until you need it.)

1.  Set the oven to 140 degrees C
2. Take a little soft butter and grease the side of the pudding basin.
3  Put the rice/tapioca/sago in the basin with the sugar
4.  Add the milk and put it in the oven at 150 degrees C, stirring every now and then with a fork during the first hour or so.  This helps to create a creamy pudding.
5.  After the hour or so add some grated nutmeg (about 1/2 – 1/3 of a nut) if you like, and then leave it until it is ready, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours more.
6.  Taste it and if it needs it, fold the skin over and carefully stir in some double cream about 100 mls should be enough, but do add more if you like.  You could of course add this at the beginning of cooking but if you add it at the end, it will cool it down enough to eat it straight away!!  I don’t imagine that if you are eating rice pudding, you are watching your waistline, but if you are, it is good without cream too.
7.  Serve with strawberry jam.



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