Mint Pesto Bulgar Wheat Salad with Plaice

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Lucy, who I spent some of the day with on the beach, said that she produces the most delicious dishes when they are unplanned.  For me, this is one of those.  Very fresh and summery.


Serves 8

290 grams bulgar wheat – prepared by just covering in boiling water and leaving for ten minutes.
8 organic tomatoes, chopped into 5mm dice
1 courgette, shredded with a potato peeler and lightly cooked in olive oil and seasoned
Pesto:  1 clove garlic
125g basil
40g mint
30g cashew nuts, pine nuts or
20g parmesan
zest of one large unwaxed lemon
160ml virgin olive oil
A splash of boiling water
Salt to taste
8 Plaice fillets

1.  Prepare the bulgar wheat.
2.  Add the vegetables~
3.  Whizz up the pesto or use a pestle and mortar and smash it together.  Add a splash of boiling water which softens the herbs.
4.  Mix in a third of the pesto
5.  Either brush the fish with olive oil and bake it in a hot oven, or fry in hot olive oil.
6.  Serve the fish either placed on top with a dollop of pesto, or flaked into the bulgar wheat.  Have more pesto on the table just in case.


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