Mirin Soy Chicken Skewers or Salmon Bites

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With all the canapes I have made, they would be equally delicious multipled in size for a main course.  You may do this with chicken or salmon.  My children just love the chicken version threaded onto skewers and fried in a griddle pan, or any old pan really……

This recipe is approximate insofar as the same quantity of marinade would suit 1 or 2 chicken breasts and up to 400g of salmon.  I find it easier to use a measuring jug in which to marinade because then it is more likely that the marinade will cover more of the chicken or salmon.  I am sure there are many variations of what you could marinade here so please use this as a guide.   Spring onions go well with both so that if you were to fry some in some plain oil with some chilli and add them to the toothpick or skewer or decorate the plate with them raw, they would compliment the canapés.

2 chicken breasts or 400g salmon fillet
2tbsp mirin
2 tbsp dark soy sauce – using light soy does not produce the same depth of flavour.Plain oil

  1. Cut the chicken into vertical long 1cm wide strips or the salmon into 2-3cm squares and place in a measuring jug with the marinade ingredients for half an hour or so.
  2.  Thread the chicken onto wooden skewers, weaving it through the stick.
  3. Fry the chicken/salmon in hot plain oil.  The chicken is good in a griddle pan, though this is not important.  I use a frying pan for the salmon, though a griddle pan would be fine too.
  4. When the chicken/salmon is not quite cooked, add the remaining marinade and sizzle for a few seconds.
  5. Remove onto a serving plate.  Stick toothpicks in the salmon and decorate the plate as you wish.

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