Monkfish Wrapped in Parma Ham with Sizzled Lemon Cream

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This is delicious, maybe not so pretty but made up for in taste as well as simplicity.  If you do not have monkfish, use any sustainably sourced meaty white fish.  The fish below is actually pollock.

Olive oil
Fish (150g per person)
parma ham (two slices will be more than enough per person)

1. Heat some plates in the oven ready for plating up.
2. Put some olive oil in a hot pan and when hot, add the fish wrapped in parma ham.
3. Cook over a medium high heat until the proscuitto is crisp, basting with the juices in the pan and turning after about 3 minutes before doing the same with the other side.
4. Pour some cream into the hot pan. I have not specified the amount because you just need to sploosh a bit in, probably 2-3 tbsp per portion of fish.
5.  Squeeze juice from half a lemon over the cream and sizzle away until it looks like in the picture.  I don’t think it will need to be seasoned because the salty parma ham will have seasoned the sauce all by itself.


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