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The difficult thing about muesli is that it is supposed to be healthy.  I am no good at eating things because they are good for me.  I am very good at eating things because they are delicious, which this really is.  Whether you increase or decrease the balance of seeds, it is my favourite muesli alongside one I had in Padstow by, needless to say, Rick Stein or one of his dominions. This is similar and healthier because of the agave and seeds.

Adding sultanas, dark apricots (no added sulphur), or dates is what I like, though of course add whatever you like.  Or have it as it is.  My preference is with Greek yoghurt and Greek honey – sorry local bees.


I made two batches of this side by side, one with golden syrup and butter and the other with agave syrup and plain oil.  The latter is the winner in taste and texture.  Amazing and thrilling really as it is not often that the healthy way is preferable!

The lightness in texture is due to the oil and agave so if you do use golden syrup, you will lose out on this almost airiness within the muesli.  If you would like to sweeten it, you could add a tablespoon of demerara sugar or more agave in the pre baking process.  My husband is one of about 3 people in the world who is allergic to honey to the extent that I had to call an ambulance last Christmas.  So he adds agave or maple syrup instead of the honey with his Greek yoghurt.

90g roughly chopped almonds- easy in the blender – or mixed nuts which you can get already broken up in the health shop or supermarket
25g mixed seeds pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseed etc
70g dessicated coconut
20g plain oil
30g agave syrup – calorie free. I have seen it in healthfood shops, Tescos and Waitrose

1. Mix all of the ingredients togther in a bowl.
2. Spread it on a baking sheet in the oven at 180 degrees C.  Bake until golden (up to 20 minutes).  Be careful to check often after 12 minutes as it is easily over done.
3. Leave to cool and add dried fruit.
4. Store in an airtight container.


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