Mushroom Crostini

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olive oil
1 clove garlic
finely chopped handful of mushrooms
handful of dried porcini mushrooms
slug of brandy

1. Soak half a cup of porcini mushrooms or dried field mushrooms, in boiling water.
2.  Over a medium to low heat in a frying pan with a two tablespoons of olive oil place finely chopped onions.
3. Add the garlic and fry for a minute or two.
4. Add the chopped mushrooms and toss around the pan until browned.
5. Add the drained porcini or field mushroom.
6. Add the liquid they were soaking in a stir over a medium heat until soaked in, like a risotto and add a slug of brandy or wine if you like!
7. Continue to add hot water once the soaking liquor is used up and keep bubbling until the liquid has been absorbed dried and fresh mushrooms are soft. This can take quite a long time, perhaps up to an hour but the good thing is that you can prepare all of this well in advance. While you do not need to stand over it, be careful that it does not stick to the base of the pan before you add more liquid, like a risotto.
8. Put the mixture in a whizzer and pulse until finely chopped.
9. Return to the pan and season to taste.
10. Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees C.
11. Take either fresh bread of bread that is a few days old and cut bite-sized rounds from it with a pastry cutter.
12. Place these on a baking sheet and drizzle very lightly with extra virgin olive oil. Put them in the oven until they are almost gold and crisp.  If you are using fresh bread, when you turn the oven off, leave the bread in it while it cools down to help them crisp up.  If they are still a little chewy, they will still be delicious so don’t worry too much I think. If they are crisped through, they will keep for a few days in an airtight container and they can be refreshed in a hot oven before serving.
13. Before serving, warm the mushroom mixture and place a little heaped teaspoonful of it on top of the crostini. Yum          


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