My Favourite Recipes

Now that there are quite a few recipes here, I thought I would list my favourites though admittedly I am still not good at blogging (don’t see how I ever will be unless someone feels like giving me a lesson? Blogging has no financal benefit; I am therefore loathe to spend anything on it upkeep!). Figuring out how to get around the technical sides of how on earth to do this does not seem to be improving so that my long winded way of putting links on here means I am not good at getting around to doing so…

The other night I saw an aubergine in the fridge which needed to be used before it was too late, and I made the Asian Aubergine dish.  This reminded me that some good recipes are in the recesses of this blog, so I thought it might be a good idea to prompt their re emergence, thus listing my favourite recipes so you might try them.

Chicken en Casserole

SE Asian Aubergine

Roman Gnocchi

Spicy Roast Chicken

Curry Puffs or Pasties

Anchovy Butter

Spicy Salad


Sultana Cake

Welsh Cakes

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