Overnight Porridge with Goji berries and seeds

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My son loves porridge so much that every morning, come rain or shine, that is what he wants (except if pancakes are on offer).  Mornings are always a bit of a rush so to avoid using the microwave, I have started to make it this way.  There is probably nothing wrong with microwaving as we are all still here 25 years or so after their introduction, but the purist in me likes the idea of using the cooker instead.  So, with or without the goji berries, the difference here is rather like the difference between hummous made with overnight soaked chickpeas compared with tinned; both are good, but different, one tasting smoother in texture than the other.

Serves 2

1 cup jumbo porridge oats
2 cups water plus extra in the morning
pinch of salt
1 cup milk (approximate)
brown sugar
Flaxseed or mixed seeds (optional)
Goji berries

1.  Mix the oats with the water and bring to the boil.  As soon as it boils, remove it from the heat and place a lid on top.  Leave it on top of the oven (I have an aga so a warm place is fine), until the following morning.
2.  Bring the mixture back to the boil, adding some milk, until you have the consistency you like.  Boil, stirring vigorously all the time, for about 5 minutes.
3.  Serve with some honey or brown sugar, with goji berries and a seed mix if you like.  Add a drizzle of milk or cream.


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