Prawn Bread Fry-up

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 When everything else has run out, and you really do not know what you can create, with that past-it bread, and old tomatoes, green beans, or whatever you have – frozen peas will do – why not try this?  I did, and loved it so much that I make it whether the fridge is full, or almost empty.

Per person

3tbsp Extra Virgin olive oil
About 10 cm/4 inch square piece of Stale focaccia or bread (Focaccia is particularly tasty so if you have made it – see recipe under Bake and add rosemary possibly – save a little for this)
6 large prawns or a small handful of small (if they are pre-cooked, add them at the last minute)
Chopped tomatoes or vegetables – I used cherry tomatoes chopped in half

1. Heat the frying pan or wok and add about 3 tablespoons of olive oil.
2. When it is very hot break up the bread over the pan and toss it around until light golden.
3. Add the chopped tomatoes and uncooked prawns. If the prawns are already cooked, add them at the last minute to heat through.
4. Toss the ingredients in the pan and add more oil if needed.  Season and serve.


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