Rock Cakes

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My memory of rock cakes is exactly that, cakes resembling in texture, rocks, as in slightly brittle, very crumbly, and edible but not memorable. Maybe that is what they are supposed to be like; I don’t know.  These, however, are light and slightly crumbly, with an airy texture, thanks to great great Granny Dot! (‘My Own Cookery Book’ published in the early 1900s by Mrs C.S. Peel).


Makes 12

1/2 lb/225g self raising flour or plain flour with 1 tsp baking powder
4 oz/112g butter
4 oz/112g sugar
1 egg
4 drops vanilla essence
60mls milk
4oz/ 112g sultanas or dried fruit

1.  Sieve flour and rub in the fat.
2.  Add the sugar.
3.  Mix in the beaten egg and milk.
4.  Add fruit. The mixture should be stiff.

5.  Pile it into rough heaps on a greased baking sheet, about a spoonful to a heap.
6.  Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees C.
7.  After 5 minutes of cooling remove to a wire rack.

For anyone interested in savoury recipes from Mrs C. S. Peel, they will be here soon.  At the moment I am attempting to put a book together so have less time for re-creating recipes that need much adjustment.   The more diverse multicultural aspects of our diet today had not yet been widely introduced so that curry powder and anchovies were the  strongest flavouring used.  Intense farming such as battery farming had not yet been introduced, so that the quality of the food was higher.  Adapting the recipes will therefore take more time and thought so at some point I must stop making (and eating) cake!


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