Scallops wrapped in bacon with spring onions, roasted red pepper, and smoked garlic

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In Dumfriesshire during half term, we walked 3 miles from our hotel on the coast to a little fishing village called Port Patrick where we had lunch in a pub called The Crown excelling in seafood.  This recipe was inspired by that.  The pub was as traditional as they all used to be, but with really good pub grub, in keeping with its beautiful surroundings.

1 pimento red pepper (the long slim ones)
Olive oil
2 bunches of spring onions (about 20)
4 large cloves of smoked garlic
12 scallops
12 rashers of thinly sliced streaky bacon

  1.  Put the pepper in a hot oven of about 200ºC or so for 20 mins or until the skin comes away.
  2. In the mean time, chop the onions into small slices, and put them in a frying pan over a medium heat with a generous glug on olive oil.
  3. Wrap each scallop in bacon, so that it overlaps a little, but it is not thickly wrapped. Chop off the excess. You can always add this so pan to serve alongside.
  4. After about 4 minutes of frying, add finely chopped smoked garlic (if using standard garlic, use 2 cloves).
  5. Fry them together until very soft, adding a pinch of salt to taste.
  6. Remove the pepper from the oven and peel its skin away.  Finely chop the pepper and add it to the spring onion garlic mixture.  I left the seeds in, but this is up to you.
  7. Put the vegetable mixture into a warm dish and set aside, keeping warm.
  8. Fry the bacon wrapped scallops in a little more olive oil in the pan over a medium high heat.  Lightly brown the bacon all over.  Scallops do not take long to cook and so the reason you have thin bacon is so that it does not take much cooking, and the scallop should be perfectly cooked when it only lightly browned.
  9. Put a spoonful of the vegetable mixture on a serving plate, on top of which the scallop will be placed.
  10. Serve straight away. Yum scrum.



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  • Barry & Anne Roxburgh - Reply

    November 7, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Vicky,
    Thanks for this recipe, which I have filed away for future use…just love scallops. When we used to go to the Angel for lunch in Corbridge I always ordered them which were done with green onions, garlic and gruyere melted on top…I was almost heartbroken when they took them off the menu, so had to do them myself at home. We went to Portpatrick once and played golf at the golf club up the cliff just north of the village…actually we tried to play golf as we were almost blown away in a gale. We managed nine holes somehow on their little course and retreated to the clubhouse, the only ones until a group of guys on a golf tour came in. Anyway, we had a super (and cheap) lunch there which gave us the idea to seek out golf clubs in other small Scottish towns as dining possibilities. When we lived in Peebles in the late 80s it was hell trying to find a pub that had any good food and would allow your seven year old daughter in it. Dogs were fine but many times we were kicked out into some back hovel as Children could not be in sight of the bar! I think Alexandra still has a complex about this today! Anyway, next time you find yourself in some relatively unpromising pub territory, it might be a good idea to check oot the local golf club…the members always make sure the grub is up to scratch and the prices (especially drinks) are kept in line!
    Barry & Anne

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