Spinach, Pineapple, Apple and Lemon Juice

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Spinach makes Popeye strong and so my 6 year old is very happy to drink this.  Of course the ingredients vary but this one is a winner and so I include it.  You do need a juicer – an apple tree which is prolific every now and then lead to my buying a Breville Whole Fruit Juicer which. although is large and annoyingly takes up half a cupboard, is well worth it.

1 large pineapple, flesh only
6 apples
Juice of half a lemon
1 large bag of spinach

Serves 4

1.  Squeeze the lemon juice and set is aside.
2.  Juice all of the remaining ingredients, adding the lemon juice at the end.
3.  Let the juice settle for a few minutes so that the froth rises to the surface.  Pour the clear green juice  into glasses.
4.  Try not to glug it all at once!


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