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So, why not start the first Sunday of the new year with something ridiculous?  This is not my idea, this is Granny Dot‘s, and she doesn’t even mention children being involved…. hmmm?


‘Take some large potatoes, all about the same size and a good shape, wash them, and bake them in their jackets in a hot oven until thoroughly cooked.  Cut a small piece off the bottom of each, so that it can stand, and a rather larger piece off the top.  Scoop out the inside, which should  be quite mealy  Have ready some oddments of cold meat which have been through the mincing machine (any meat does, but it is a very good way of using up cold pork), two hard-boiled eggs chopped up very small, a little parsley and herbs, and either a little onion or lemon and nutmeg, according to the  meat you are using, and if the  meat was lean, a little butter.  Season to taste, and mix well with the insides of the potatoes. Fill the potatoes with the mixture, cover each potato with its top, and re-heat in the oeven.  Serve on a napkin or a lace paper in a sort of “Stonehange”circle, and hand a tureen of really good thickened brown gravy.  The mixture will be more than will fill the potatoes, and the remainder can be blended with egg, made into balls, and fried for breakfast.’
(Single Handed Cook, Mrs C.S. Peel 1904)

6 large potatoes (produced 1.2lb/544g of potato)
6 oz meat (I used lamb from slow roast leg which went in the oven at 120degrees C at 10am one day with half a bottle of red wine, some stock and rosemary and was removed at 6pm)
1/2 tbsp anchovy sauce
2 oz butter
grated rind of an unwaxed lemon
Parsley or chives

1.  Bake the potatoes.
2.  Chop the tops off and remove the inside, leaving enough potato in the skin for them not to fall apart when they turn into stones.
3.  Put the potato in a bowl and add the butter.  Beat it all together.
4.  Chop up the meat and the garlic or onion which roasted with the meat, or any vegetables –  frozen peas if you have leftover veg –  and put it all in the bowl with the potato.
4.  Add the herbs, lemon and anchovy sauce to the bowl and mix it all together
5.  Fill the potato cases and stand them up, creating as stonehenge-ish effect as you can!
6.  Put gravy in the base of the dish to create the ‘mud’ effect. Or you could use ham or pork as your meat and make a hollondaise sauce or a parsley sauce. I just happen to have lamb and gravy.
7.  Great fun for children (and not adults of course).


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