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Supersonically healthy Mackerel, Herbed Feta Quinoa and Creamed spinach

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Seafood on July 24th 2016 0 Comments

Last night my husband and children went fishing on Chessil Beach with friends.  In a huge break from the norm, each family came back with 28 mackerel, or thereabouts!!!  Our veg garden is slightly over-run by spinach so this and its herbs added to the satisfyingly homegrown/self caught lunch.

Quinoa salad
120g quinoa
340ml water
glug of virgin olive …


Courgette Salad

Posted in - Salads on August 23rd 2013 2 Comments

Nothing but yellow courgettes have greeted us this year.  And anyone who has read my last few posts will realise that we have no shortage of them!  This salad happened, like so many of the best creations, by accident insofar as I used what I had.  It is also supersonically healthy as well as delicious.


Courgettes (any …