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Crusty Bread

Posted in - Bake & Recipes & Vegetarian on April 9th 2013 1 Comments


Absence explained – the snow of the Alps beckoned, followed by my daughter’s 6th birthday and now the allure of a sabbatical style year in the midi-Pyrenees – unfortunately the children and I are the only ones who really want to do this!

I think we have eaten more garlic snails in the last week than …


Wholemeal Honey Bread

Posted in - Bake & Healthy Recipes & Recipes on January 25th 2013 4 Comments

This is totally yummy toasted, untoasted, for breakfast – especially good with honey and a cup of tea – and if you make Gravlax – justice is done.


350g strong wholemeal flour
150g strong white bread flour
7g sachet dried yeast
1tsp salt
30g honey
1 egg (not essential)
250mls or more, or warm water

1.  Place all the ingredients except the water in …