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Chorizo and Prawn Canape

Posted in - Canapes on December 21st 2013 0 Comments

We are in Northumberland for Christmas as opposed to Dorset where we live. So in using up what was in the kitchen before we left, I was wracking my brain for a canape recipe.   The idea for this recipe was found online and I can’t remember where. Credit therefore is not due to me : (

It is so …


Bonfire Chorizo Hot Pot

Posted in - Recipes on November 11th 2013 1 Comments

Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, Borneo – the holiday of a lifetime explains my absence.  Coming back to bonfire night was a rude awakening to the drawbacks of the UK, ie, we couldn’t light the bonfire, despite the assistance of Diesel, due to saturation levels.

To warm us up, we had this chorizo concoction, originally created over a …