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Devonshire Splits

Posted in - Bake & Puddings & Recipes on May 29th 2015 0 Comments

or Chudleighs, the derivation of which is unknown.  There are also Cornish splits which are larger.  I made these for book no.2’s photoshoot which was not done brilliantly, but  not bad for an amateur.  My brother came in and immediately ate about 3 of these!  They are extremely rich, very delicious and a little like …


Souffled Custard

Posted in - Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes & Puddings & Recipes on September 15th 2013 0 Comments

“That custard pudding was delicious, so light and yummy!” – received this morning by text from the grandaughter of Anna del Conte who babysat for us.  The reason I felt it necessary to say who said that is that one could assume that she appreciates good food and therefore trust her judgement.

In the words …


Rhubarb Jam

Posted in - Recipes on August 25th 2013 1 Comments

I asked my daughter what she would like to make with the little rhubarb we had this year and she categorically said, “Jam!”  It is a real treat and takes very little effort.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that I even choose it over the mango and passion fruit jam …