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Salmon Crème Fraîche with Oatmeal Bread

Posted in - Press on December 13th 2015 0 Comments

The bread is easy and delicious, the salmon mixture speedily combined.  Ideal for a light lunch with salad or greens.

Bread Ingredients
80g porridge (produces about 325g cooked porridge)
600ml water divided up into two separate 300ml amounts
700g wholemeal flour
14g yeast (2 sachets of dried)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp brown sugar
This makes two loaves, serving approximately 20. I …


Lemon Ricotta Courgette Canapes

Posted in - Recipes on May 29th 2014 0 Comments

This is fiddly but simple.  Follow the ricotta recipe if you can’t find fresh ricotta, and then read on.

olive oil
1 courgette
125g ricotta
1 clove garlic
Mild salt flakes such as Maldon sea salt
zest of an unwaxed organic lemon

1.  If you have a mandolin, use it to slice the courgettes extremely thinly – I did mine on …


Rhubarb Jam

Posted in - Recipes on August 25th 2013 1 Comments

I asked my daughter what she would like to make with the little rhubarb we had this year and she categorically said, “Jam!”  It is a real treat and takes very little effort.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that I even choose it over the mango and passion fruit jam …


Courgette Salad

Posted in - Salads on August 23rd 2013 2 Comments

Nothing but yellow courgettes have greeted us this year.  And anyone who has read my last few posts will realise that we have no shortage of them!  This salad happened, like so many of the best creations, by accident insofar as I used what I had.  It is also supersonically healthy as well as delicious.


Courgettes (any …


Sage and Lemon Risotto

Posted in - Recipes & Vegetarian on July 27th 2013 2 Comments

This is based on Anna del Conte’s signature dish.  The only difference is that I could not find the book with the recipe in it, and improvised so it is minus the vegetable or chicken stock, and minus celery, plus a few other alterations only because of the glut of courgettes we have at the …


Monkfish Wrapped in Parma Ham with Sizzled Lemon Cream

Posted in - Seafood on November 7th 2012 0 Comments

This is delicious, maybe not so pretty but made up for in taste as well as simplicity.  If you do not have monkfish, use any sustainably sourced meaty white fish.  The fish below is actually pollock.

Olive oil
Fish (150g per person)
parma ham (two slices will be more than enough per person)

1. Heat some plates in …