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Speedy Pizza!

Posted in - Bake on July 20th 2016 0 Comments

Last night my poor husband had a car crash –  not a major one as in no-one was hurt but major enough for the car to be a possible write-off.  So we decided we ought to go out for a pizza in a local town where we can sit at a cafe style table on …


Monkfish Wrapped in Parma Ham with Sizzled Lemon Cream

Posted in - Seafood on November 7th 2012 0 Comments

This is delicious, maybe not so pretty but made up for in taste as well as simplicity.  If you do not have monkfish, use any sustainably sourced meaty white fish.  The fish below is actually pollock.

Olive oil
Fish (150g per person)
parma ham (two slices will be more than enough per person)

1. Heat some plates in …