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Blackcurrant Fool

Posted in - Puddings & Recipes on August 14th 2013 0 Comments

These blackcurrants are so good mixed with cream and sugar and one can easily convince oneself that having more is okay because part of it is good for you!  My husband has made cassis with a whole load, and the sauce you are making here is perfect for ice-cream, various puddings, and freezes beautifully.

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Banana Cake Pudding

Posted in - Bake & Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes on June 27th 2013 1 Comments

4 bananas; glace cherries; 4oz. of brown sugar; 4 oz. of castor sugar; 2 eggs; 6 oz. of self-raising flour; 5 oz of butter or margarine; 1/4 pint of sour milk or milk. 
Melt 2oz. of butter or margarine in the bottom of a cake-tin.  Scatter in the brown sugar and arrange 2 sliced bananas …