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Pulled Pork Pie

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Pork on May 26th 2015 1 Comments

By semi-mistake this happened, using up leftovers.  It has since been repeated because when feeding friends, whipping it out of the oven – ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’- makes the weekend so much more fun with hot slaving happening the day before!


The picture above is ridiculously rubbish I know,but the delicious ingredients are seen …


Paprika, Tomato and Wine Pulled Pork

Posted in - Pork & Recipes on September 10th 2013 0 Comments

We were given a bag full of lamb and pork yesterday by a friend. I can’t actually remember why but I assume his freezer is on the blink.  I am sure I heard a while ago from Delia Smith that it is in fact okay to re-freeze after defrosting, provided you then ensure that the …