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French Rice Soup

Posted in - Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes & Vegetarian on October 10th 2013 0 Comments

Lunch today was unplanned.  Often when I am alone I don’t have any, or sampling the recipes which is my every day task, is enough.  My husband turned up unexpectedly and I opened The Daily Mail Cookery Book, 1922, in the hope that inspiration would pop out of the page…. and it did!  We had …


Wild Garlic Soup

Posted in - Recipes & Vegetarian on May 2nd 2013 1 Comments

A few years ago when we first moved to Dorset, I was asked to cater for an Architects’ lunch at the DCRS (Dorset Centre for Rural Skills) at £5 a head.  Wondering how on earth I could do this and make a profit, whilst walking my dogs I saw swathes of wild garlic and therein lay the answer: wild …


Pea and Ham Soup

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Recipes on January 11th 2013 1 Comments

I bought some very happy well bred ham and after soaking and boiling it, decided to use the lovely hamy salty stock to make soup.  So I added a load of frozen peas.  Because I am unable to give you precise measurements for the ham/liquid ratio because I do not know the size of pan you will use, take these …